So when I am playing good golf, each shot has goal. I’m not worried about the next shot. I play the hole backwards in my mind and come up with a game plan to try to make a birdie. Let’s say the goal is to hit a tight draw to the left side of the fairway to get the angle on the hole location. It’s great if I made my goal. If not, I have to make another game plan for the next shot and decide whether a birdie is doable. When my game gets “blended”, where one shot runs into the next, aka just hitting it and chasing it, is when I’m in for a long day.

1. Come up with a game plan for each hole and determine your best possible score within your ability

2. Every shot has a goal…even putts aka one shot at a time

3. Did I make my goal? If not, the game plan changes

You will play your best golf with a goal on each shot. I once shot 63 with that plan but it takes some work to change the way you think on the golf course. Try it for 3 holes, then 5 then 7..Good luck!

Feel free to contact me. All my advice is free! I love to help people play their best golf!



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